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Inclusions and Exclusions

My Fantasy story ' The Delivery ' will be appearing in the Ardent Dawn/Zasra Press anthology Trials by Tides due out in April 2022. I have also written a one-off story, genrewise, 'Upon Reflection' which will be published in the Dragon Soul Press anthology Timeless 2 due out in November. It's a book involving twists on Fairy Tales, so needless to say it doesn't fit into my fantasy world. But an idea, surfaced while reading the submissions call, and now there's a rogue tale out there. So, better pick up a copy, because it won't be appearing in any compiled anthologies I'll one day release. Now for the exclusions... I have removed all the fantasy flash fiction from this site, because eventually I'll compile them into their own flash fiction anthology, though this may be a while because it would be wafer thin otherwise. I've left the update pages that link to the two on Story Pony, but I primarily posted the stories on here for feedback, whic

Anthological Inclusions

More stories on their way!!! Keep an eye out for these releases over the next few months. 'Hearthshare ' -  Fall into Fantasy 2021 edition [Cloaked Press] Due Sep21st 2021 (Fantasy/Horror) 'The Selection Process' - Extinct Worlds [Dragon Soul Press] Due Sep30th 2021 (Science Fiction) 'Solyn the Slayer' - All Dark Places 3 [Dragons Soul Press] Due Oct 31st 2021 (Fantasy/Horror) 'Hatchling' - All Dark Places 3 [Dragons Soul Press] Due Oct 31st 2021 (Fantasy/Horror)

MAY UPDATE: 4 More New Anthologies

Another fantasy novelette is available, 'Children of Brechor' about shifters and changelings in 'Spirit' [Dragon Soul Press]. At the end of May, 'The Tiger and the Ox' will be available, being an east Asian inspired fantasy tale in the anthology 'Valiance' [DSP]. In the middle of June, my novella 'Black Spire Isles' will appear in the anthology 'Far, Far and Away' [Mirror | World]. At the end of June, a science fiction story 'Custodian One' in 'Space Bound' [DSP].

UPDATES: New anothologies

Two more published stories should be available soon, both due for release in March. 'The Feathergate Hotel' : A steampunk novelette to be featured in the anthology 'Imperial Devices' [Dragon Soul Press]    'Sackcloth and Silver' : A Fantasy/Horror novelette to be featured in the anthology 'Wolf Night' [Dragon Soul Press]  

Update: Anthologies

Exciting news. Two of my stories have been published in anthologies from Dragon Soul Press, available for pre-order in digital and paperback formats. A fantasy story 'Solyn the Scavenger' and a science fiction story 'Assimilant 630: Singe' ' Assimilant 630: Singe ' is the first of several stories of a science fiction world that operates within an alternate timeline future. ' Solyn the Scavenger ' is a story within my fantasy world, filling some of the history and culture of it as it follows its own dark adventure, delving into horror.

Update: Thieves Tithe

So, I've published another story on Storypony called Thieves Tithe. It was the second short story I wrote after Blacktooth, around mid-March last year. I'm quite fond of it, as it reveals a little more of my world and how things work there, sometimes. I'd appreciate any up-votes there, if you're feeling charitable, or enjoyed it. >>>CLICK HERE TO READ<<< It's been a while since I've posted anything because I'm working on a few longer stories, redrafting novella, a short novel, and regular novel, and have my fingers crossed for a novelette in the short list for a magazine. (wish me luck) (no, don't just raise your brow, say "good luck" damn it) (yes, on the bus, I don't care) While I typically publish here, the non-published entries from the AWC's Furious Fiction competition, directly after the winners are announced, I have not posted the last two 'Destination: Presentation' and 'Upon Reflection

Update: The Last Song

My first published short story    'The Last Song' (2092 words) is now available in  Volume 1 (May Issue) of Solantis Magazine .      Available on Amazon Kindle The magazine itself showcases a mixture of creative works including articles and interviews.

Update: A Shot in the Dark

This Flash Fiction piece has been published on Story Pony . Please go check it out and, if you're feeling charitable, click on the up arrow to vote it up as there is a competitive element. A SHOT IN THE DARK CLICK HERE TO READ <<<<<>>>>>

The Rule of Threes

Entered the July Furious Fiction competition, and like 1200 other stories, mine didn't even come close to winning. "So why should I read it?" I hear you ask. Well... I don't have an answer for that. Because you're bored? Either way, I really enjoy entering this competition. 55 hours to write 500 words within set parameters. This month, I was forced out of my fantasy word because the flash fiction piece had to be set on a train (I could have tried to set it on a caravan, but I don't think it would have counted). Rules:   1. The story had to take place on a TRAIN.   2. The story had to include something FROZEN.   3. The story had to include three 3-word sentences in a row. So, here, a rare modern story from me written in under two hours. I hope you like it. THE RULE OF THREES By Barend Nieuwstraten III   Eric idly huffed warm breath onto the frozen window before drawing a smiley face with his finger against the white background of ava


Welcome to this blog.... I thought I'd create it as sort of a journal as I venture down the rabbit hole of writing. I'm currently working on an epic fantasy series, I have finished the first draft of the first book, and nearly finished the first draft of the second book, but decided to take a break to get into short stories to help world-build and hone my skills. One of those short stories is becoming a bit of a novel, so the plan is to get a few short stories published to build up a following, use that as evidence that I'm publishable to put the shorter novel out, then use that as evidence that I can be trusted with a seven book series, and whatever else pops into my head. I'm trying to keep all my writing in the same world, but I'm also entering flash fiction competitions just to challenge myself. If I can, I intend to keep them within the same world, but will stray when competition parameters force me out of it. And when they fail to win and can't be used a